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Japan is most at risk in the North Korean missile crisis
CapX - August 1, 2017

The drama is one being orchestrated in North Korea with its showy missile tests and in the US with America’s showy bomber patrols. The loudest noise is being directed at China, accused in Donald Trump’s tweets of “doing...
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The temptation to return to De Gaulle
La Stampa - July 29, 2017

So Emmanuel Macron, we now know, thinks of himself as the 2017 reincarnation of General de Gaulle: a tall, proud,  somewhat pompous nationalist who sees himself as being free to take his own initiatives. Such a...
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Britain En Marche
Project Syndicate - July 24, 2017

LONDON – We live in an age of political turbulence. Parties barely a year old have recently swept to power in France and in the huge metropolitan area of Tokyo. A party less than five years old is leading opinion polls in Italy. A political neophyte is...
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Better Prospects for Europe
Nikkei Business - July 10, 2017

Business prospects in Europe are looking better than at any stage in the past decade. Opportunities for foreign investors look arguably the best in the developed world, better certainly than in either Donald Trump’s...
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How Europe can re-unite after Donald
La Stampa - June 12, 2017

Following President Trump’s first visit to Europe, the Western alliance looks frayed and fragile. Not only has the leading country of the West elected a dysfunctional narcissist as its president, but he has threatened...
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How Macron can fix Europe´s despair
CapX - May 16, 2017

Emmanuel Macron begins his first full day as president of France bearing a heavy weight of expectations. To say that he holds the fate of the West and its liberal democracies in his hands would be to go too far, but...
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The Wages of Wage Fear
Project Syndicate - May 10, 2017

LONDON – If all else fails, try the previously unthinkable. It is not a bad principle for economic policy in the best of times. Today, it may be just what is needed: many Western countries – certainly the United States, Japan, and Germany, probably the...
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The new nightmare in France
La Stampa - April 12, 2017

With less than two weeks to go before the first round of France’s presidential election, financial markets are waking up to a new potential nightmare. Having for months expected the centrist Emmanuel Macron to face,...
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