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Time for a new liberal lexicon
Financial Times - March 18, 2017

The great populist-insurgent of 100 years ago, one Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, found time while in cozy Zurich planning his Bolshevik revolution to pen an explanation for why things were “kicking off” as we say these...
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The real threat to Matteo Renzi is Beppe Grillo and his ilk
Financial Times - November 30, 2016

Everyone wants to list Italy’s constitutional referendum on December 4th as the next stage in the Great Global Populist Revolution. But here’s a funny thing: among the campaigners for “no” are not only the insurgent...
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BBC licence-payers deserve a strong, independent regulator
Financial Times - November 17, 2016

In an Oxford lecture in May about the BBC, Chris Patten expressed concern at government plans to hand regulation of Britain’s public-service broadcaster to Ofcom, calling it the “ever-more powerful communications regulator,...
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Now we need clarity from Eurosceptics
Financial Times - September 21,2015

The UK’s new opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has now clarified, in the FT no less , his view of British membership of the EU. David Cameron is unlikely to do so until the fog clears on his negotiations with the 27 other EU member states, and until...
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The real worry in China is politics, not economics
Financial Times - August 28, 2015

The debate about China’s economy, amid all the noise and drama coming from the bursting of its stock market bubble, is essentially about whether its annual economic growth rate might really be 5 per cent rather than the official 7 per cent, or — shock,...
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No need for a clash of values, between FT and Nikkei
Financial Times - July 27, 2015

Old Tokyo correspondents such as myself think of Japan as the country that abolished news, as a place of processes and trends rather than big events. So it came as a surprise that corporate Japan produced not just one big news splash but two last...
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Europe´s confusion about German leadership
Financial Times - July 20, 2015

We are in an interval during the long Greek tragedy, in a gap between the wailings of the chorus but still far from the end, so this is a good moment  to ponder one important point about the politics of the euro zone: why do the other 18 euro...
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Time for euro creditors to reward their allies
Financial Times - July 6, 2015

What will happen now after Greece’s resounding ‘No’ lies in the hands of fresh negotiations, Greek banking solvency and the nerve of the triumphant Alexis Tsipras. No doubt he will demand rapid debt relief in return for new Greek promises of fiscal...
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Time for Renzi to turn talk into action
Financial Times - June 2 2015

For a man who likes to give the impression of incessant activity, to be told "pull your finger out" might seem ungrateful. But that is the message given by Italy´s regional elections to the country´s youthful and reformist prime minister,...
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The Conservative-Lib Dem coalition and its legacy: Book essay
Financial Times - April 24, 2015

The Coalition Effect 2010-2015, edited by Anthony Seldon and Mike Finn,Cambridge University Press, RRP£18.99, 642 pagesMr Osborne’s Economic Experiment: Austerity 1945-51 and 2010-, by William Keegan, Searching Finance, RRP£9.99, 166 pagesWho Governs...
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Greek Negotiators Should Learn a Little from Britain
FT - February 9,2015

The proposal for “debt-swapping” floated by Greece’s new finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, is both ingenious and constructive. But whatever its merits – and as always in financial transactions, the devil will be in the details – by...
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Japan Tests Secular Stagnation Thesis
FT - January 13, 2015

Watch Japan. Such advice has long been rare, except on “lost decades” or the risks of nuclear power. But for the next 12 months, the world’s third largest economy promises to be a test case for the whole of the West. And the right neologism...
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The Euro´s Feckless Rulers Back the Torroise Against the Hare
FT - December 2, 2014

Pope Francis may think of Europe as a haggard grandmother, but this eurozone granny´s got a gambling habit. She used to roll her dice against the bond markets: now her target is electoral politics. It is only a matter...
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Cheshire Cat Smiles Mask Danger in UK Politics
FT - November 21,2014

Look carefully at the photos from Thursday’s by-election victory of the UK Independence party in Rochester, or those of last month’s Ukip victory in Clacton. Can you see that disembodied smile?...
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The Truth and Lies of Scottish and EU Secessionists
FT - August 7,2014

A shorter version of this article was published in the Financial Times on August 7th, ( ). To watch clips of the TV debate between Alex...
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Let us Hope Renzi will Become an Italian Blair
FT - December 9, 2013

M​aurice Saatchi, the great adman and Tory peer, said that Tony Blair’s election victory in Britain in 1997 could be explained by his capture of a single word: new. That is also going to be the aim of the Blair-admirer that the Partito Democratico, Italy’s...
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Delaying Elections will Prolong Italy’s Misery
FT - September 13, 2013

Westerners are forever lecturing others that they should hold elections and respect democracy. But when they might have to hold some polls themselves they cry “Instability! Danger!” That is a not-too-unfair description of the reaction...
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Italy must Prepare for Elections, and Fast
FT - April 23, 2013

When you are in a hole, stop digging. A wind of change is in the air. Yes, it is a mixture of tired old metaphors, but that was the scolding and entirely justified message on April 22nd from a tired old man to Italy’s political...
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