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Trade and Trump
Nikkei Business - May 19, 2018

During President Donald Trump’s first year in the White House, an English saying was often invoked when analysing the gap between what he said and what he did: the saying, based on our English love of dogs, is that “his bark is worse than his bite”. His...
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Human Capital
Nikkei Business - February 2018

What is Japan’s biggest economic problem, or at least weakness, as we look ahead towards the 2020s and 2030s?  A lot of people have favourite answers to this question: Governor Haruhiko Kuroda of the Bank of Japan might say it is deflation of...
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The importance of women for Japan
Nikkei Business - September 29, 2017

What is Prime Minister Abe’s plan for “womenomics” all about and can it really ever amount to anything meaningful in a country as conservative as Japan? We know that many more women have joined the workforce in recent...
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Better Prospects for Europe
Nikkei Business - July 10, 2017

Business prospects in Europe are looking better than at any stage in the past decade. Opportunities for foreign investors look arguably the best in the developed world, better certainly than in either Donald Trump’s...
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Why Japan is less well prepared than South Korea
Nikkei Business - March, 2017

In the second half of the 20th century, no two countries performed better, in terms of raising citizens’ living standards, strengthening political institutions, and making their societies safe, secure and stable, than...
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Minimum Wages
Nikkei Business - October 23, 2016

On October 1st, the only government economic policy measure this year that is likely to boost the Japanese economy came into effect. It is positive, but was nevertheless too timid to truly be a game-changer. It is...
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Donald Trump´s Italian prototype
Nikkei Business - May 9, 2016

Here is a good principle when thinking about the US presidential election in November of this year: hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It is time, now that both the Republican and Democratic parties...
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2020 Olympics
Nikkei Business - March 21, 2016

Are you expecting Tokyo´s Olympic Games in 2020 to bring a big economic benefit to the nation? Plenty of people seem to be hoping that it will bring such a benefit, led by the Bank of Japan and of course the national government...
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Emerging Markets
Nikkei Business - January 25, 2016

The year has begun with falling stockmarkets, falling oil prices and falling forecasts about growth in the world economy. What should international businesses think and do about this? There are two answers. One is to...
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Nikkei Business - November 23, 2015

Terrorist atrocities are always a shock, whenever and wherever they happen. That is their purpose. On Friday November 13th I was in London attending a dinner discussion with executives from a major Japanese airline, and naturally...
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2016 Special Issue
Nikkei Business - November 5, 2015

From my perspective, one of the most important events of next year will be an event that we do not even yet know for sure whether it will take place in 2016, or be delayed till 2017. It is also an event that will be far...
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The case for a carbon tax
Nikkei Business - October 19, 2015

There are many uncertainties in economic and political life. But here at least are two things I thought were certainties in Japan. One is that the government needs to find ways to increase tax revenues in order gradually...
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China´s political contradictions
Nikkei Business - August 22, 2015

What is really happening in China? That is now one of the most important questions for global businesses, which especially includes Japanese exporters and the many Japanese companies that have opened factories in China.  Firms operating in China...
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The myth of deflation in Japan
Nikkei Business - June 29 2015

What do you think is the biggest danger facing Abenomics? My answer is that the biggest danger is that Abenomics’ monetary arrow might succeed too well.   By that I mean that the risk is that the monetary arrow could end up creating too...
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A Golden Age of Journalism with Drawbacks
Nikkei Business - March 2, 2015

We in the media often write, with enthusiasm, about disruptive technological innovation, about the way in which new ideas and new technologies have forced many industries to reinvent themselves. Yet we are less enthusiastic about writing about...
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Is English Enough?
Nikkei Business - January 9, 2015

There are several nations that call themselves “the lucky country”, most notably Australia. But in today’s world of global business, that title might also be applied to my own country, Great Britain. This is not because of any inherent characteristics...
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Much More Than Mount Fuji
Nikkei Business - November 17, 2014

I have often been puzzled why beautiful countries seem so indifferent about tourism. Italy is one: perhaps because it has combined a good climate, wonderful landscapes and extraordinary cultural and historical treasures for two thousand years,...
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Japan´s Labour Dilemma
Nikkei Business - September 22, 2014

The most fashionable topic in economics right now is labour markets. That’s quite a change: nobody has paid much attention to labour for many years. But in three of the world’s biggest and richest economies – the United States, Japan and Britain...
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2050 Vitality Index - Japan
Nikkei Business - 21.07.14

We know that we cannot forecast far into the future. Nevertheless, here in the second decade of the 21st century, there is an impressive consensus about what are the main forces that are destined to shape that future. So we ought to be...
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Powerful Japanese Energy Monopolies
Nikkei Business - 26 May,2014

Here in Europe, events in Ukraine have reminded me of two important things, beyond the obvious points about geopolitics, Russia and great-power competition. Those things are both about energy. One is how difficult it is for countries...
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Japan: Lessons from Europe
Nikkei Business - March 26,2014

Can countries or regions learn from each other? They certainly should, since international data and experiences are a big potential resource for policy-makers. Currently, between Europe and Japan there are several big and important lessons...
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Japanese Gamble 2014
Nikkei Business - January 28, 2014

In democracies, when things are going badly citizens and commentators alike tend to call for “more leadership”. But then when they get leadership, they often feel rather uncomfortable and start to attack whoever is the leader. We always...
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