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Berlusconismo and Murdochismo - 06 June 2012



Interview on Australian Broadcasting - 08 August 2017

LSE Podcast - 20 July 2017

Reuters - 05 July 2017

Girlfriend in a Coma is available online - 27 February 2013

BBC interview by Nick Higham in "Meet the Author" - 19 July 2012

Interview with Polimedia TV at the International Book Fair 2011 - 14 May 2011

Interview at the Festival of Journalism, Perugia - April 2011

Bill Emmott Interview with Eva Giovannini - Annozero Rai2 - February 2011

Bill Emmott speaking on ADNKronos about Italy´s energy to trade - 26 November 2010

"Forza, Italia" Presentation Event, Rome - 25 November 2010

Next stop: Italy - Bill Emmott speaking at an event organized by Matteo Renzi and Giuseppe Civati ​​ - 07 November 2010

Bill Emmott Interview on La Repubblica: Berlusconi controls the media - 21 October 2010

"Parla con me" with Serena Dandini - Rai3 - 21 October 2010

Otto e Mezzo, Il Punto - 11 October 2010

ei and ENGINE ´Thought for the Day´ Breakfast with Bill Emmott and Anatole Kaletsky - 08 July 2010

Bill Emmott Interview with Nichi Vendola - July 2010

Bill Emmott on the use and abuse of economics data - An interview made during the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy - April 2010

Bill Emmott interview with Valentina Antonelli - April 2010

Salzburg Global Seminar session on Emerging Asian Powers: Excerpts from an interview with Tina Micklethwait, Director of Communications of the Salzburg Global Seminar - March 2010

IISS Perspectives - Bill Emmott and Stephen Fidler on the First Plenary Session - The Changing Global Balance of Economic Power and its International Impact - 2010

Speaking on the Asian Economies Post-Crisis Panel at the Salzburg Global Session - December 2009

Intelligence Squared debate: Ukraine should introduce tax reform despite the economic crisis, organized by the Foundation for Effective Governance in cooperation with Intelligence Squared in Kiev, Ukraine - November 2009

Bill Emmott speaking about the financial crisis on Diario Economico - November 2009

Interview on The Magazine Post - October 2009

Asian strategic power: Bill Emmott appearing on ABC Radio National - June 2009

Asia Vs Europe Which Region is More Geopolitically Incompetent? - Debate at the National University of Singapore - May 2009

Bill Emmott shares his views on the London Summit. Filmed at the Annual Meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century group, Odawara, Japan - February 2009

Bill Emmott on Silvio Berlusconi - January 2009

Gresham College Lecture - Asia’s Rivals: The implications for the world economy of developments in China, India and Japan - 23 September 2008

Frost Over the World - Bill Emmott joins Sir David. Emmott says that developing countries like China and India should be formally represented in the G8 - June 2008

Book Review - Michael Vaughan reviews "Rivals: How the Power Struggle Between China, India and Japan Will Shape Our Next Decade" by Bill Emmott - June 2008

Bill Emmott explains why Rupert Murdoch divides America with TV but not the UK - 30 May 2008

Bill Emmott: Fathauer Lecture on Political Economy - March 2008

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on Silvio Berlusconi and why he was unfit to lead Italy - October 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on why The Economist supported the war in Iraq and what went wrong afterwards - October 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on British politics - October 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club - Intoduction from John Loyd - The outgoing editor of The Economist strips away the anonymity of their unsigned articles and talks about his 13 year tenure - October 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on European politics - October 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on why The Economist remains optimistic - October 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on why The Economist calls itself a newspaper - October 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on the predictions The Economist got wrong. He describes why they predicted oil prices would drop to $5 a barrel and that house prices would collapse - October 2006

Bill Emmott talks about his book, 20:21 Vision: Twentieth-Century Lessons for the Twenty-first Century - February 2003


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