Bill Emmott
Bill Emmott - International Author & Adviser

Sun Also Sets: The Limits to Japan´s Economic Power

Published by Times Books in New York and Simon & Schuster in London in autumn 1989. In February 1990 it was published in Japanese translation by Soshisha in Tokyo.

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Japan, that special set of islands, has a constant ability to amaze. Time and time again in the past few decades the country, its society, and its economy have appeared to be set on one particular course, or to be headed for an inevitable crisis, or in some important respect to be unchangeable. And yet time and time again Japan has spring a big surprise, astonishing observers, whether Japanese or non Japanese, by its ability suddenly to switch direction. That is exactly what has been happening as Japan has entered the final decade of the 20th century. An outstanding contribution to our understanding of Japan and its present and future role in the world.

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